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A comprehensive table of resources in the company.


MVPNetwork today manages two three four publicly available sites on the Internet (besides this one and Intranet's one). All of them are written in italian language, but can be translated online by using an automatic translation service (Google Translate and similar).

Please be aware that when you use Google Services, services and any other online mass service – any of them – you are being deeply tracked and your privacy can get seriously compromised. It is advisable that before using such services you clear your browser’s cache, cookies and history . Please be also aware that any other Web giants’ similar service (such as Babelfish) will do the same: they track everything you do.

If you’re concerned with your privacy, then it is advisable that you install a safe proxy system (like TOR). TOR will not guarantee that your privacy will be safe, but will raise your protection to a reasonable level.

The two three four sites are:

  1. Dott. Marco Valerio Principato ( – This site is dr. Principato main site. He writes his political opinions on this site and it also serves as a gateway for articles written in the following two sites. Posts are also published via RSS feeds and on its Twitter account.  This site has also its dedicated Facebook page at The site itself won't spy or track you, but social widgets and lights, advertising and social networks do: beware.
  2. The New Blog Times ( – This site is a blog of opinion, thoughts and comments about science, technology and communications, with special attention for the ICT. Besides Marco V. Principato, several other bloggers and journalists collaborate. Its posts are also published via RSS feeds and on its Twitter accountThe New Blog Times now has again its own page on Facebook, at The site itself won't spy or track you, specially regarding the newsletter. But social widgets and lights, advertising and social networks do: beware, and see its privacy policy to know more.
  3. NIBBLE Blog ( – This site is Marco V. Principato’s personal blog. Some friends collaborate to write posts from time to time. Topics covered include environment and sciences, curiosities, law, politics, health, markets, but also some sports, music and culture. There’s also room for technology, of course. This site has also it’s RSS feeds and posts are published on Marco V. Principato’s Twitter account. Recently, this blog has set up its own Facebook page at (In italian mezzo byte means one half of a byte, or a nibble). See its privacy policy to know more.
  4. IK0MHG HAM Radio Station ( – This site is a web-log – really – as it is Marco V. Principato’s HAM Radio site. Some time ago it was the only site running in his own house on a semi-dedicated machine, over a dynamic IP. In order to be as fast as it can, it was kept as lightweight as possible. Now it is hosted at, so there is no warranty about your online privacy. See its privacy policy to know more. Updates are not so frequent as Marco V. Principato writes there only in spare free time (and he has just a few).

Feel free to browse all these sites: as per our policy, you’ll very likely be tracked by social networks, service providers and/or advertising circuits, but you will not be tracked by us. Period.